Wanna Buy Rothstein’s Stuff ?

     Fort Lauderdale’s very own infamous ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein’s expensive stuff will soon be available, to you!

                           how about a poster with Rothstein’s slogan of Passion, Integrity, Commitment! 

     Rothstein is in jail for a long time, most suspect. His investors are decimated, his partners in flux, and his stuff in storage – at AMC Liquidators, a furniture liquidator owned by  Fort Lauderdale citizen Mike Grimme. 

Grimme, a mover-shaker who once owned hotels on the Fort Lauderdale beach, started his furniture liquidation business a few years back. He has already liquidated another famous ponzi schemer’s goods, Alan Stanford of Standford Financial. 

     So when Rothstein fell, Grimme says he already “knew the drill”, and swooped in and proposed the deal to auction off Rothstein’s holdings.

      Grimme says Rothstein’s 35,000 square foot offices were “pretty elaborate”, with classy office furniture, fancy accessories, and loads of technology ( Grimme says the computers have “swapped out hard drives “, so don’t expect any juicy leftovers!)

     The Auction, run by Fisher Auction will take place on Saturday, January 23rd, at 10:00 am at AMC Liquidators. You can preview the bounty on Thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd, but here’s an early preview !

                                                                       fancy leather

                                                                       stocked bar

                                                                even the fish tank!

     Grimme says the best stuff, Rothstein’s personal office and the memorabilia ( pictures of Rothstein and Charlie Crist, Rothstein and Governor Bush, Rothstein and Sarah Palin etc. ), will be on display for all to see at his store next week. 

     You can call Mike for more details at 954-735-5777.


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