Turtle Watch Report

       We went, we saw, ….. but we only saw one turtle hatched and sprinting to the ocean.


     See the little tiny turtle sprinting to the ocean?

     Well, that is a tiny little turtle sprinting to the ocean, but it’s not the tiny little turtle we saw! We went out at night, and our tour guide, Richard Whitecloud, asked us not to take any pictures. That turtle above was seen by Cal Deal last year.


     There is a big controversy about the sea turtle nests. Activists like Whitecloud want the lights turned off ( or severly restricted) at the beach during the hatching season, but the folks that live at the beach say the dark conditions are unsafe, and that people have been mugged in the shadows.

     Anyhow it was an interesting night. The one nest that hatched held 58 turtles – 
thank God there was a slowpoke still making his way to the ocean by the
time we got to the nest!

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