Tree Killer Caper Continued!

     When we last talked, we were wondering what kind of noodlehead would do this to a perfectly good Live Oak tree?


It’s apparent that somebody wants it DEAD!  These holes were drilled in it, and diesel fuel was poured in the holes.

     After some snooping, here’s what I know so far

     First off, though the tree is on the grounds of the First Presbyterian Church, (just off Las Olas), the church had nothing to do with the trees’ damage and is quite upset.

                                                          First Presbyterian

Second, there is a reward leading to the tree killer/driller!

                                         A reward ($100) leading to the tree killer/ torturer!

     So who done-it?

     Everybody has a theory.

     One neighbor says it is the Church (it isn’t). Another theory says it must be the shop just to the east of the tree – ( Bridal Shop) that has recently put up a new expensive sign that is blocked by the tree’s canopy.

                                                           sign is on wall is behind tree’s canopy

     That shop says “no way”, they had nothing to do with it.  Their neighbor across the street  (Formal Wear store), says the owner is “too good” a guy to do such a terrible thing.
     Another theory is that the shop owner next door to the Bridal Shop, (owned by Brad Minto), did it. He had sent Gene Dempsey- the City’s Urban Forester, an e-mail about the tree’s bushy canopy months ago – Here is Dempsey’s response to Minto. 

     From: Gene Dempsey []
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 12:48 PM
To: Bradley Minto
Subject: RE: Follow Up

Brad – I looked at the trees this morning. The two trees are live oaks and can be pruned to provide the desire clearance. The shrub by the building is a Podocarpus and can be removed without permit. These are all private trees and would need to be handled by the property owner, which appears to be the church from info on our GIS system.

Gene Dempsey, City Forester
Environmental Services 

Minto says no way did he do it. He says that the trees were trimmed after he contacted the City, and he was happy with the results.

     Lastly, some think that the Valet parkers across the street at Rocco’s Tacos are responsible. They say they park cars in that lot and somehow it would help them if the tree was gone ( I don’t see that).  I asked the Valet staff that was on duty today, and they said they knew nothing about it, but their ears did perk up when I mentioned the $100 reward !).

     All I know for sure at this point – somebody done it-  and somebody knows something!

     And the good news is – the Urban Forester described a treatment for the tree to the Church, they are doing it, and they think they can save the Oak!

     I’ll let you know if there is any progress in the case!  ….



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