Trantalis By A Nose !

     …In one of the closest elections in Fort Lauderdale history,


         … former Commissioner Dean Trantalis beat former Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, for the Fort Lauderdale District II seat, by 18 votes …… yes, your vote can count!

     No one, (including me) could call this election…everyone knew it would be a nailbiter  …

     It turned out to be mostly a battle between the wealthiest parts of District II ( that went strongly for Rodstrom), and the blue collar areas, (that went strongly for Trantalis).


     The beach area, that essentially was tied in the primary between Rodstrom and Trantalis, went Trantalis this go round, strongly helped by former beach area president Steve Glassman…

More analysis later ! …

              Tim is happy !


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