Tim’s Pick – District I

     Tricky business, this endorsement game!

     I had almost forgotten a lesson I learned as a City Commissioner. When you take a position on anything, lots of folks on the other side of your decision will not be happy! …. And many of my readers have been reacquainting me with this theory all week!

     But as I said in the beginning, I’ve asked to be a leader in our community, and I feel it’s a leaders’ duty to stand up and be counted, even if it hurts, and it probably will!……….but here goes!

     District I

     …… the donor district ….  It’s basically the whole northern part of the City. It starts at that funny intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and US #1 Highway (most people say “at the Gateway Theatre”) and keeps on going until it runs into Pompano Beach. 

     It is nearly all well – to – do, so it sends off many more tax dollars than it gets back. Some of it’s residents resent that, and fiscal conservatism is an important part of any politicians’ schtick there.

     The incumbent is Commissioner Christine Teel. If reelected, she will be the longest serving member of the new Commission. Her challengers are former Police Chief Bruce Roberts, and local condo lawyer Inger Garcia.


 ………… I’m supporting Bruce Roberts ………  and here’s why;

  First, I think it’s time for Commissioner Teel to retire from politics.
     ……… Commissioner Teel hasn’t been able to control the City Budget. She has reigned over the largest City budget explosion in Fort Lauderdale history. The year prior to her election in 2003, the City’s budget was around $340 million. But in the last six years, the budget has grown to a staggering $605 million

     Also, she seems burned out to me. Speaking from experience, I believe the 9 year tenure of Fort Lauderdale City Commissioners is too long to serve. No new initiatives seem to come from her, and she seems content to sit behind the City Management, instead of leading them.

     It’s time for a fresh face. It could be said that Roberts is not that, having been a career Cop for 35 years in Fort Lauderdale, but I think his platforms of more citizen involvement, and organizing the Citizenry to create a new VISION for our future is quite appealing.

     Inger Garcia is a tenacious lawyer, but needs some time in City Boards to learn before running for office again.







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