Throwing In The Towel !

     So I’m up at the Peter Pan Diner on Oakland Park Boulevard, having a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, with raisins, and reading the paper,  when I spot the article –

     Governor Crist to interview two candidates today for County Commissioner appointment to replace
suspended County Commissioner
Josephus Eggelletion. 

Now I’ve known all along that the chance of me getting the nod were slim (at best), but I keep reading, though I squint to protect myself.

     The article mentions two names:

           Commissioner Albert C. Jones  ( Republican ) … African American .


             Levi Williams  ( Republican) .. African American 

     I’m sure it’s just an oversight that my name wasn’t mentioned in the article – maybe the phone will ring any moment with a call from the GUV !

Tim Smith (Democrat)  … not African American …

   ……..   you see,  Governor Crist has denied speculation that he’ll have to appoint a Republican, to fend off the challenge
from the very conservative former State House Speaker Marco Rubio in the Republican primary for the open U.S. Senate seat.

   …….    and Crist has also denied allegations that his appointment will also have to be black, to win the seat in the General Election, where some cross-over Democratic vote might be necessary to win.

          Regardless of all this speculation and punditry,  I’ve decided to step aside, remove my name from contention. Save the Governor the phone call. 

     ……..  I’ll look forward to working with whomever gets the appointment !

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