The Police Chief That Would Be Commissioner

     His name is Bruce Roberts. He is our former Police Chief.

                                                           Police Chief Roberts

He was a Cop for a long time, some 35 years. Here is a picture of him in his early Cop days, with his Special Undercover Squad back in 1979.

     If you can’t pick him out, he’s the guy in the middle, with the long hair and beard, (the last thirty years has not been especially kind to him, follicly speaking!)

     Now, after a successful career in law enforcement, starting as a Patrolman and ending up the Chief of Police, he’s got a new goal, Fort Lauderdale District I City Commissioner.

I interviewed him recently, and here are the results. He was quite candid.

Tim – So Chief, did you ever have to shoot anyone?

Bruce –  I did! My partner and I were tailing a couple of guys that  had just robbed someone at a night depository at a bank on Sunrise Boulevard. We made a felony stop, and before we could do much, they came out of the car with a blazing shotgun. One of their bullets went through my legs and flattened the tire on the squad car. Pretty scary!. We had to shoot them.

Tim So now that I know you can shoot the bad guys, why have decided to try and replace Commissioner Christine Teel as Commissioner ?

Bruce – I think she’s abdicated her responsibility as Commissioner. She’s let the City Manager set policy, and hasn’t been listening to her constituents. Also, she was initially in favor of the grotesque pay raises at the City. Also, I think I will bring more energy to the position.

Tim – When you resigned as Police Chief, you were pretty pissed! You said some tough things about City Manager Gretsas. Do you think you will keep him on as Manager if you’re elected?

Bruce – I think you know me well enough to know I’m not going to make personnel decisions without all the information and without due process.

Tim – Ok, fair enough, but you said at the time that the Manager’s office had held back important Police Safety equipment, what was that about?

Bruce – Actually, that was Assistant City Manager David Hebert. We had new important AR-15 rifles scheduled for purchase and Hebert said if the Police Union wouldn’t bargain, “maybe the rifles don’t get ordered.”  …..   (Tim note – Hebert denies this claim)

Tim – So what are your plans if elected?

Bruce – It’s going to be a tough budget year, the first year, but I know what needs to be done and have done it. I’ll  fall back on the primary purpose of government;  Police, Fire, EMS, Water. Sewer, and Trash. And as a Commissioner, with my colleagues, and the citizens, I’ll set the direction and policy for the City to meet the challenges we’ll face together.

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