The Hobo Express

     The homeless are still a problem downtown today (pictures below).

     The City has been trying a few new approaches this year, a public information campaign to tell citizens why giving change to panhandlers is not helpful, street vendors’ control ( in the intersections), and the bus tickets home program. 

The problems of the homeless and the vagrants is not new for Fort Lauderdale.  

     Below, you will see the historical account of what Fort Lauderdale did about the problem during the depression!

                                the “hobo express” team

  “During the depression, one of the duties of the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office, was handling the so-called “hobo express.” In an attempt to get undesirables out of the area, including those looking for work, vagrants were herded to the county line of each county. Fort Lauderdale transported its undesirables to the northern boundary of Deerfield Beach. It was either the “hobo express” or a 30-day jail sentence.” 

     Here’s a sampling of Stranahan Park today!

                      Mounted Patrolman Chuck Sierra talks to a group of homeless

                                       Hungry homeless line up at the food truck

                                homeless man waves at me using only one finger !!

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