Tangled Web!

     This is an update on the post of last week about Charlotte Rodstrom and the Fort Lauderdale  park land addition! 

     It is a tangled political web weaved, and very curious.
    And now, the park land money slated for Fort Lauderdale may be headed for other cities out west ( I’ll explain in a second ). –   

                    Ryan                          Rodstrom
 The County Commissioner who beat Rostrom in her ill-fated run for the County Commission last summer, Tim Ryan, had an item on the County Commission agenda to move purchase funds that were attached to an unbuyable –arsenic laden- parcel on one side of a Fort Lauderdale city park, to a bigger, clean parcel on the other side of that same city park….

     Rodstrom had visited County Commissioners the day before the meeting to move the funds, and asked Commissioner Stacy Ritter to pull the item off the agenda.
     Ritter did Rodstrom that favor by sending this official record below. Ritter told me that Rodstrom had made the rounds that day and asked other County Commissioners to pull the item as well.

     Here is the official record – 


     Rodstrom tried to explain why she requested the park land addition be postponed by this letter below, sent to the neighborhood President-

Dear MRT President,

     In respect to the recent accusations put out on a Blog. I am providing you information regarding my work on park space. 

For anyone to make an accusation that I do not want more park space would be completely wrong.

Here is why:

     Since elected in 2006 I have secured funds for new parks: South Middle River Park in South Middle River neighborhood, Peter Feldman Park in Flagler Village, Middle River Terrace Park addition OS-145.

I have completed SMR park, Peter Feldman Park, Dolphin Isles park and I am awaiting for the completion of the MRT park addition.

      Why would anyone think I would jeopardize funds when I was the Commissioner who worked to ensure the funds in the first place????

     I also brought the first Greenway to Fort Lauderdale. The Flagler Greenway, if you count that as open space. Which equates to millions of dollars for Fort Lauderdale during the past 6 years and I followed the governmental process.

     And those are just the parks/open spaces in District 2, Citywide I also agreed to much more !!! Go take a look at how wonderful those parks are and the benefit to the neighborhoods. $400 million was provided under the County Parks program in 2000. I would gladly compare my park open space record to any other district commissioner since 2000.

     There seems to be a hidden agenda being promoted by a blogger. Most likely because he is supporting the person running against me in the upcoming election. I hope this information clarifies my position on the issue and is helpful to you. Thank you


     I think this qualifies as a non-denial denial !

      Now, Commissioner Wexler seems to be eyeing the funds for one of her cities, out west. She sent this e-mail to activist  Mary Grahams’ inquiry on whether the park funds would stay in Fort Lauderdales’ column – 

—–Original Message—–
From: “Wexler, Lois”
Sent: Feb 11, 2013 11:31 PM
To: “mga-aia@ix.netcom.com
Subject: RE: ITEM #54 BCC (deferred) 02-05-13 agenda

I am sure that Commissioner Ryan will champion the property switch for District 7 however the Board has to agree. There were 6 properties that were already on the list that had not been funded.

Lois Wexler,
Broward County Commissioner Distict 5


     As always, I’ve tried to get Rodstroms’ side of the story, but can’t get her on the phone or by e-mail  …… I can only imagine that this, below,  is what she would say to me if she would call me ………..





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