Street Murder in Fort Lauderdale

      I could tell it was something serious.


     Just a few blocks north of Home Depot, on NE 4th Avenue, the Police vehicles were thick. Squad cars, Sergeant Cars, the Crime Scene Unit, an Ambulance and a Fire Truck.

The yellow Police line was stretched around the perimeter, no way to see what was happening. I walked into my friend George Fortney’s appliance store and out to the back lot where George and his grandson, George, were standing. From there you could see all the carnage.


          Right away it was apparent to me that another kid had been shot, gang style. The two bicycles littering the crime scene were the dead give-a-way. Another murder in South Middle River.


       And there he was. Word has it that he was shot in the head while on his bike.


15 Replies to “Street Murder in Fort Lauderdale”

  1. The community needs to strongly encourage an end to this we don’t “snitch” mentality. In my opinion, it’s one of the biggest obstacles to reducing crime. When will it stop? Without witnesses coming forward the police can only do so much unless they witness crime themselves. Unfortunately, in many instances, when police are called, the crime is already done.

  2. Tim, I am starting to believe the Fort Lauderdale Police need help from a outside agency, I recall years ago Poinciana Park had a gang exchange of gun fire no one ways killed but the Neighborhood was very upset and worried we had invited Then Police Chief Roberts to our neighborhood meeting and he was asked what was the police going to do to protect the people and his response was setting up the Mobile Command vehicle and every person that entered or exited the problem property was ID and photo and that want on for weeks 24Hrs a day and in about three weeks the gang moved out of the neighborhood you know if this my neighborhood And this has been bad and getting worse for years now I would be demanding action like a teen curfew, 24hrs police patrol of the problem streets this is out of control and Tim I think it’s time you forget being Mr Nice guy

  3. maybe the city could consider getting nike or louis vuitton body bags so the gangsters can go out in style……

  4. It not easy for the officer working the streets. Back in the day we had great leaders like Tim that supported us. When we had to fight the fight our Commissioner Tim knew what needed to be done and we took care of crime. Now if an officer deals with a criminal he is unemployed.This is a good example. A drug dealer gets shot and we point fingers at the officer that can no longer fight the fight and don’t have a Commissioner like Tim to support him.

  5. Now I understand why I got a post on the community board that this was NOT A KID. A criminal adult far too many in Fort Lauderdale.

  6. Did someone actually post that he was not a kid?? Ask any parent of a 23 year old, and they would beg to differ.
    Anyway, does it matter what age he was? He was murdered in cold blood! Just because he may have been a drug dealer doesn’t justify his being gunned down in the street.
    I am sure that there are many out there that think he deserved it, and it saddens me to hear the lack of compassion…….


  8. To bad the FLPD didn’t have the faith in the community when we all told them about the locations where grown men live and hang and deal drugs for a living.. They sort have become career criminals. Now that they are all around and have no fear, these type of murders will be more than once every 6 months…

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