Sneak Peek Float Winner !

     Today is the now famous – Fort Lauderdale’s –  St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and I thought you might want to know in advance who is going to win the best float award!


           Yea, we got shut out last year, but so did American Hustle !

          This year, the 13th Street Alliance float is a sure thing – bet on it!…  After all, will any other floats have an Irish tropical banana and monkey theme? .. hell no! ….Add to that

      ….. the banana king will be on board tossing bananas to the crowd  …

    …….   that great local band Sundays At Five will be playing all the Irish favorites ( and a few Beatles tunes to round it all out)   ……

        …… and Mayor Seiler is promising to jump aboard at some point to belt out his favorite –  “When Irish Eyes are Smilin”


                 This crazy float was built by a great new organization in town – Makers Square, where you can go and use their welding equipment, carpentry stuff, pottery kiln etc., or just learn to do it all …

                 Yes, the 13th Street Alliance is bound to take the prize – bet on it!

4 Replies to “Sneak Peek Float Winner !”

  1. Your float is a symbol of the crazy Irish that love to drink and get creative!!
    Seriously Tim, I admire your creativity,spirit in getting involved in your community, and the unique theme of your float- I vote for the Alliance float to win this year!

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