The Parade

      The 2014 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade ….

                             Photos courtesy of Art Seitz.

                          ………….. keeping fingers crossed for the big win !

                                          …unless these judges were bribed !

                                                     bodysnatchers ?

                                                     no caption necessary

                                                                    nor here !

                                              …reason for this season !

                                                    ……  makes a statement

                                                           candy anyone?

                                                guy from a slasher movie

                                                       the crowd !

                             …..  maybe we should have bribed this group !

6 Replies to “The Parade”

  1. Tim, if 13th Street doesn’t win this year, let’s work toward getting me on the judges throne, I mean stand, and I pledge a fair contest, with due credit for past efforts and special knowledge. jcb

  2. Jack Seiler brought the great Irish parade to our city. Let us all hope that Seiler is the Governor of Florida in a few years. I know for sure that it will be good for the business environment.

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