Shame On You, Whoever You Are !

     Judge Naugle has overturned the will of the people, apparently for a handful of unnamed, long – serving politicians.

     On this past election day, when everyone was focused on the coming Republican landslide, Judge Naugle quietly released an opinion that overturned the Broward County Term Limits law.

                                                            Carol Lisa Naugle, before being 
               appointed Judge by the Governor, with daughter, husband (you know who), and dog

     It didn’t seem to matter much that the giant majority ( 80%) of the voters believe in, and voted for term limits for their County politicians, (and their City Politicians in Fort Lauderdale).

     Naugle’s ruling was based on an earlier court decision in another County. That verdict said that since there were term limits specifically established for the Governor, State Reps, etc.  in the Florida Constitution, that it must “necessarily follow” that no other Term Limits for County/City officials were allowed…. HUH? 

     Judge Naugle also regurgitated the worn out slogan that “politicians already have term limits, there called elections.”

     So this is how it all went down. Term limits were just about to go into effect.

     Commissioners John Rodstrom and Ilene Lieberman
were about to lose their $90,000 a year jobs in 2012. Rodstrom will have been a County Commissioner twenty years, Lieberman sixteen. The mission was clear – overturn the term limits !

     Enter attorney Bill Scherer. Scherer is probably the most connected attorney in our town. He was one of G.W. Bushs’ “pioneers” for raising over $100,000 for Bush’s re-election effort. He served for years as attorney for the North Broward Hospital District and the Stranahan House, and was appointed by John Rodstrom to the Ethics committee. Sheesh! 

     Scherer was supposedly hired by Rio Vista resident William Telli, who, when asked why he was suing to overturn term limits, said he didn’t really know much about it!


                            Here’s the rest of the story in pictorial form ….

                                                   attorney Scherer
                                                                     sues in front of

                                                   Judge Naugle 
                                                                  who’s married to

p;                               formerly term- limited Mayor Jim Naugle
                                                     who served with


                                           Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom,
                                                       who’s married to

                               (used to be term limited) Commissioner John Rodstrom
                                                                           who represents the


                                               screwed citizens



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