Seiler Fought Stand Your Ground

     Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler opposed the Stand Your Ground gun use law, while he was a Legislator in Tallahassee.


That’s Seiler in the back ( you might not recognize him!), behind former Governor Crist. Just to the right of Crist, is possible Republican Vice Presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Seiler was aghast this week when he heard of the shooting of Trayvon Martin.


     Seiler remembered fighting the Stand Your Ground law that some blame for the shooting of the innocent Martin.

    Here are some of the minutes of the Florida House battle that decided the law

          Representative Seiler –
    “I am concerned that the bill, as written, completely eliminates the duty to retreat in all public places outside of a home or occupied vehicle, and allows Floridians to engage someone with a deadly weapon in the public arena.

     This provision would create a number of potential loopholes for criminals, and would make it far more difficult for the Police and State Attorney to prosecute violent criminals, and even more difficult for innocent victims to recover damages from these violent criminals” 

     Seiler also tried to ammend the bill, but to no avail.



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