Seiler and Gretsas Dispel Buddy Nevins Rumor

     So what happens now with City Manager George Gretsas?

                                Mayor Jack Seiler and City Manager George Gretsas

     Rumors have been running wild.
     A published rumor,at the end of last week , on the blog of former Sun-Sentinel political reporter Buddy Nevins, seemed to have the scoop! It quoted unnamed “sources” as saying Gretsas could be out of town as early as “next week”.


         The story went on to say that Commissioners were working the phones “overtime” to find a 
replacement. It even named possible replacements! And in a tone reminiscent of Nevins style while at the Sun-Sentinel, warned the City Commission against making “back room deals”. He ended his blog telling the Commission that it ” only takes hitting the send button to file an ethics complaint”.

     The only problem with all the tough talk is both Seiler and Gretsas say it’s all incorrect.

     This evening, Seiler and Gretsas called the reporting bunk and Gretsas sent me the following statement, along with Seiler’s comment to Buddy Nevins.


Got your message about the Nevins piece.  Below is a statement that the Mayor just posted on the Nevins site which hopefully corrects the record.  I was at City Hall working on Friday.  Work continues as normal.  I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the entire Commission.  I love my job and will continue to work hard as long as I am welcome to do so.


from Jack Seiler to Buddy Nevins
Although you have been one of the best and most reliable members of the local media and you have generally been accurate in your coverage, I must dispute the above post.
First, I am not an “anti-Gretsas” Mayor. Based upon the reasons already discussed and debated in public, I decided not to give George a three (3) year renewal of his employment contract. It was an extremely difficult decision to make, as I had to consider numerous factors beyond his past job performance (which had been generally solid). 
Second, I have not made any telephone calls concerning George’s exit or George’s replacement. I also have not had any communications with Hoffman, Bentley, Witschen or anybody else (including Tim Smith) about becoming the next City Manager. Further, I have not had any “backroom” discussions about the City Manager position with any elected member of our City Commission. My impression has been that our City Commissioners fully understand the meaning, intent, spirit, and significance of our Sunshine Laws.
Third, as I previously stated, I will be sitting down with George in the near future to discuss where we go from here, and where the City goes from here. George has a contract through next summer and I would expect that George and the City would honor that contract. George has been a professional and responsible City Manager, and I have no reason to believe that George will not remain a professional and responsible City Manager. When the time comes to make a final decision about George’s future, I can assure the public and you that the City Commission, George Gretsas, and I will all put the best interests of the City of Fort Lauderdale first. 
Thanks for the opportunity to set the record straight.

     So for those of you that thought the Gretsas employment matter was resolved – think again!

                                           Stay Tuned !   …….  Tim

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