Score Card Seiler

      Jack Seiler has been good for Fort Lauderdale, let me tell you why I think so.


      First …..  let me assure you that I am not a Seiler lackey, and am ready to criticize him when I think he does wrong, but I think Seiler has done far more right than wrong over the last 5 years as Mayor……  ( I’m sure you’ll let me know if you disagree!)

      And I’ll add that I don’t think I have any particular right to give Seiler a score card either way, but I’m going to do it anyway.

      We’ve had only 6 mayors in the last 40 years, but thankfully we instituted term limits in 2000,  (thanks to some successful brilliant legislation from an aggressive cub Commissioner :-), so we should have a lot more turn over in the future.


     Two of the five former Mayors left us this past year – Clay Shaw, ( second from left). and Bob Cox, (middle).


      Jack Seiler has taken his job of Mayor of Fort Lauderdale very seriously.

     The rap on Jack is that he is taking aim at higher office, and I’m sure that is true, but by taking his current job so seriously, he just might have that chance.




      Seiler  has had some difficult times as Mayor, and has taken some difficult votes that not everyone agreed with, (including me), but that goes with the territory.


       But Seiler’s predecessor, (Jim Naugle), at the end of his very long Mayoral career, was no longer serious, and was making our City a laughing stock. (If you have lived here a while, you know what I mean.)


     Seiler seems to have turned the City’s reputation around.

     For the last five years, Jack has been the City’s top  cheerleader.  He works long hours, (besides working as a lawyer in the daytime),  and will cut a ribbon, throw a first pitch, or join a neighborhood in a trash pick-up, any time asked.







       So I give Jack Seiler a solid …. B – Grade ……  and if he can get the downtown back on track, push the burglary rate back to tolerable, and continue to make Fort Lauderdale a serious, respectable town  ……..

                      …. he can count me in as a strong supp
orter  !








168 Replies to “Score Card Seiler”

  1. Good impartial writing Tim. Lets hope you and all your readers will look at Rick Scott’s race with the same eyes.

  2. My view on Mayor Seiler (Graded)
    1. Crime. (C)
    2. vision. (C)
    3. Spokeman for the City (A)
    4 Untilizing Civic Activest resources (C)
    5 being a All inclusive Mayor (f)
    6, Personally exchanges with the Mayor (c) Has improved and I hope that will continue

  3. Crime: F
    Fort Lauderdale Police Corruption:
    Chief Franklin Adderley association with Scott Rothstein, [covered up]

    Dated subordinates [a no no]

    Authorized & approved 24 hour bodyguard/security detail [cash payments made to command staff & officers with stolen money $394,000.00 not including tips. bribes?]

    Newly promoted Lt. Steven Greenlaw administrator of Rothstein detail along with then his girlfriend DeAnna Garcia-Lemieux-Greenlaw [Greenlaw was allowed to have direct supervision over Lemieux his girlfriend thus exposing liability to sexual harassment litigation]

    $394,000.00 of STOLEN MONEY received by command staff & officers never returned.[were these bribes?]

    Steven Greenlaw received a loan of $5,000.00 from Rothstein to buy a Diamond for his fiancee Lemieux, with no expectation of repayment [See court records, bribe?]

    Steven Greenlaw defrauded FLPD [paid to work for FLPD & Rothstein, received 3 day suspension, should have been terminated]

    Steven Greenlaw admitted perjurer never prosecuted [covered up by Capt Rick Maglione]

    Capt Rick Maglione deleted out of state arrest records of FLPD supervisor from internal affairs database [see Broward Bulldog, what else was falsified or deleted?]

    FLPD officers & supervisors planting drugs on people [not an isolated incident, see Koepke & Dodge doing what they were trained to do]

    FLPD officers & supervisors brutality [see Kenny Post photo. boot prints on his face obviously Post was handcuffed when this assault occurred. Capt Francis Sousa at work.

    These criminal and thuggish actions didn’t start with Chief Franklin Adderley, they just continued from the Chief Bruce Roberts era of corruption.

    Vision: F

    Mayor Seiler subscribes to the United Nations mandates thus circumventing the United States Constitution.

    Agenda 21 projects Federal north of Broward Boulevard, the “sustainable living” mandate.

  4. Linguine Spine Seiler, you sound like David Hebert, the guy that destroyed the morale at our police department.

  5. Here we go again w/ the “bs” about Captain Maglione. Your “bulldog” story was BS. He spent over an hour w/ that reporter(Christian). I mean Captain Marvel here did not steal any money, didn’t cover anything up etc. If I was him I would get your IP address and scare the shit out of you. As far as Mayor Seiler he represents Ft.lau to the highest degree. He promotes the city very well. I think he should run for US Senate(Nelson) when the opportunity comes up, but who listens to Robert. As far as commission meetings he does a great job running them. Only negative thing I can come up w/ is using CRA monies for parties etc. to promote the city. I also think the 401a debackle could have been handled differently. I don’t think it is right that they are all stil receiving that high %. I know new hires are not getting that perk, nor should the rest of them. I would bring them all back down. And Mayor Seiler should have blasted the city Auditor John Herbst for not bringing this to his attention. Oh I know John half your staff is getting that %(401a). Totally useless. To boot we are paying Herbst over a 100g a year, for a city resident to bring this(401a) to the comm. attention. I would have fired Herbst and his ast. Its Robert Anthony Walsh-big mouth Alexa was asking the “in the know” what the “a” stood for. How about none of your business, and get back to work instead of looking up my rap sheet. Anyhow I also think he should have been more supportive of Charlotte Rodstrom. She never spoke negatively against you Jack. How many times did you mention that damn 225g for that special district election?. I give Mayor Seiler a b+…..

  6. Mayor Seiler’s first months in office in 2009 helped vote down Dash-Cams in ALL FLPD cars….the money was earmarked and grants given and in the works since 2006 because of the community out cry in the “NW” section of town…. now we know what effect this has had on the cops for thugs and liars !!! See you in Court


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