Riot Update …

     Riot Update  ….

girl wings rocks at opponents !

       Update – No Update !

   Actually, there are things happening, but as you might have already figured out,  if I told you, I’d have to kill you (or at least flog you with a wet noodle) ! …

       Truthfully, the way I understand it, a full fledged, comprehensive program, to address all the issues that led to the teenage riot are being planned and initiated, and the powers that be want some time to get everything underway. So, I’m standing down, for now!

       My blog posting of the Dec. 15th riot ( you say potato, I say pototo, the cops say disturbance!) went viral on this blog and drew many thousands of views and 73 comments and counting, a record for this blog, and maybe any local blog!

       I’m still on blog vacation until the new year, but many of you have been asking for a riot update, so there you go…



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