PostageGate Update

     She did do it !

I just got off the phone, (again), with City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson. She called to apologize to me for lying during our phone call this morning, and was about to come clean to the press. 
     She is guilty of the infraction of using the taxpayer’s money to mail campaign literature after all. The allegation by fellow Commissioner Christine Teel is true, and Hutchinson, just minutes ago, sent out the following statement.

For Immediate Release                                              Contact: Stephen Gaskill
Thursday, April 3, 2008                                                      

                              STATEMENT OF CINDI HUTCHINSON

There has been an allegation that an envelope with materials regarding my Mayoral campaign was sent from City Hall and then returned because of an addressing error. I am issuing this statement to set the record straight and apologize for this mistake– I used a city envelope, label and about $4.00 in postage for my campaign needs. I am sorry that some may have the perception that I didn’t live up to the standards that have characterized my eight years as a City Commissioner. Throughout my tenure as a City Commissioner I have prided myself on the trust that our residents and those working in the Commission office have felt towards me and I have always focused on providing positive leadership for our City. This momentary lapse of judgement underscores my commitment to work harder to retain the trust of our citizens. I am sorry, and this will not happen again.

     I’m pretty mad and disappointed that Hutchinson lied to me this morning, particularly knowing that I was about to share it with you. I can say that I am not going to guage her entire political career on this one misjudgement, but what will ultimately be more important to Hutchinson is what the voters think. 

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