Politics = Money + Private Investigator?

     The race is really on for the open seat for Commissioner – District II – Fort Lauderdale. 

One candidate has actually spent $1000.00 on a private investigator  ….read on!

     The race for $$ – (political donations) –  often tells a lot about how the political horse race is proceeding! Here is the latest on the race for campaign donations


     Rounding the corner, heading for the final stretch  …

      Dean Trantalis is ahead, with Charlotte Rodstrom hanging back on the final turn, Chuck Black running a distant third, and Lester Zalewski still in the starting block – details below!

Trantalis has collected $22,295.00

     His donors are mostly Fort Lauderdalians, though there are a sizable chunk of Wilton Manors donors, which is where the Trantalis Law Firm is located.

     Trantalis seems to have more of the grassroots leaders in the District than the other candidates.

     Donors include beach activists Mel Rubenstien, Steve Glassman, Shirley Smith, and Art Seitz –13th Street neighborhood leaders Sal Gatanio, Randall Klett, Marge Anderson and Rick Gibson, and Victoria Parkian Mark Ketcham.

Other big name donors to Trantalis include attorneys Robert Lochrie and Ken Keechl, Property Appraiser Lori Parrish, mega-property owner Caldwell Cooper, and historic preservation activist Diane Smart.

 Charlotte Rodstrom, who is trying to win back her seat after vacating it to run for County Commission has raised $17,500.00

     Her donors include the big County lawyer/lobbyists – Friedman, Poliakoff, Platt and Schiller, City land use attorneys Lochrie, Toothaker, and Crush, car magnate Michael Marrone, William Telli ( sued to overturn term limits), and local celebrity lawyer Bradford Cohen.  She is also supported by local bloviator Charlie King.

     Rodstroms’ most curious expenditure for her campaign is for private investigator Max Caulfield. Her campaign has paid him $1000.00


     Caulfield is a nationally known P.I., with expertise in many areas, including Mob investigations. He is also a Special Appointed Process Server by the Sheriff of Broward County.

     I had a quite interesting chat with Caulfield. But as expected, he said he is not at liberty to confirm or deny  ….   said he didn’t recall if he’d ever heard the name Rodstrom!  …..  told me he would get back to me should details change!

 Chuck Black is a newcomer on the political scene, but has gained some traction, mostly with the business community, mostly downtown.
     Donors include Ali Waldman, developer Alan Hooper, attorney Sam Poole, president of the downtown civic association Ron Centamore, Riverwalk big shot Mark Budwig, and beach biggies Ina Lee and Fred Carlson.

 Lester Zalewski says he refused to play the political money game, but has lent his campaign $10,000.00

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