Political Signs, Smashed and Sliced!

     Democratic Candidate for State Representative in District 91, Christian Chiari, is really pissed.

     His big and expensive political signs, (that we have begun to see more and more of with the November election coming fast), are being trashed. And not just pulled down, but slashed and stomped and split and kicked. 

     Chiari says , “one thing is certain, someone feels threatened by my signs”. He added that his big signs are sponsored by individual donors and that he “doesn’t have the heart” to tell his sign sponsor, a little old lady on the beach, that her sign has met an untimely end.

     Now this is nothing new. The unseemly sport of yanking the oppositions’ campaign signs has been around forever, but the Chiari signs are being unusually battered.

     Therefore, Tim Smith’s Fort Lauderdale is offering a $1000.00 REWARD, leading to the conviction of the slasher/stomper.

     Chiari says he thinks he knows which political opponents’ camp is behind the pummeling. So I reached out to the Bogdanoff campaign for a comment. None has been forthcoming, as of yet.

     The Reward money is in the bank. Give me a call……Tim

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