Police / City Management War Escalates

     The unsuccessful attempts of the City Commission to reach a contractual agreement with the Fraternal Order Of Police has blood boiling throughout the Department and consequences for the City. 

      The Police, who have been working without a contract since last year, have taken their frustration to levels not seen since the early 1990’s, when work slow downs and  major morale problems caused the City to reach the ominous title of “the Most Crime Ridden City in America”.

     The fight has now centered around City Manager George Gretsas and David Hebert, an Assistant City Manager charged with overseeing the Police. Gretsas and Hebert do not have the authority to end the contract impasse, that job falls squarely with  Mayor Naugle and his City Commission. But the FOP has targeted the City’s Management over the stalemate, claiming unfair labor practices, intimidation, and officious interference with their duties. Last week, the rank and file held a nearly unanimous “No Confidence” vote on the City’s Management.

                                  Cops in Happier Times
     Some of the signs of the ensuing battles of the war:

     1.) A chart, showing the pay increases of the Manager and his command staff compared to rank and file Police Officers, being circulated throughout the community – 

Name          Last year’s Pay       This year’s Pay         Increase

Gretsas        $294,399.00         $315,210.00           7.07%
Scott            $202,846.00        $213,183.00           5.10%
Gunn            $198,902.00        $213,019.00            7.10%
Hebert          $191,584.00        $209,257.00           9.23%
Roberts         $192,292.00        $205,850.00           7.05%

Police Officers   from 2003          This Year          Per Year
                               $60,216.00            $63,897.00          1.22%
      2.) and more telling, some of the sharpest of vitriol showing up on a Law Enforcement Chat Blog (LeoAffairs.com) from some Officers about the Police Brass and City Management…..

     on Police Chief Roberts …. ” The chief was not considered since we consider him garbage and the anti Christ “

     on Assistant Police Chief Carter …. ” He hides behind a little gay man and licks his shoes”

     on Assistant Manager Hebert ….

 “David H repeatedly reinforced the philosophy of don’t let the door hit you on the way out. His condescending attitude spread like stage 4 cancer and he cannot be told anything. He was one of the main reasons I left.”

      It’s time to settle these disputes, resolve the Contract, and get back to solving the problems that face the City. Who will step up and lead?



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