Police Chief Case Not Nuttiest?

     We were all aghast!

     Our brand new Police Chief, Frank Adderley, had been lying in bed, when his wife burst in and leveled a 9 mm Beretta pistol at him and fired away. She missed, thank God! She chased him into the yard, continuing to fire away, (continuing to miss)! The details are sketchy, the citizens are perplexed.
                                    Adderley as young Officer with
                                                       former Chief McCarthy and
                                                   Captain Urschalitz in background

      And that’s crazy for sure. And we are all correct in being shocked, and wanting an explanation. After all, we adopt our public figures as if they are our own. But is it the craziest thing that has ever happened here in Fort Lauderdale?

     Not by a long shot! (excuse the pun)

     Here are some of the more insane things that our cherished town has produced and that have been on the front page of the papers over the years. We’ll start right from the start! And I’m expecting you send in more examples. 

   …… Most of the towns residents were viciously murdered by Seminole Indians before the town was even incorporated!

     …… The City’s founding father, Frank Stranahan, who served as the first Postmaster and City Councilman, tied a sewer grate around his foot and jumped into the New River as a most creative way to commit suicide.


                                            Stranahan during happier times

We weren’t always so progressive. “No Jews” signs were posted along many of the beachfront hotels in the 1940’s and 1950’s and “Colored” toilets were in the Courthouse, and the “Colored Beach” was in Dania!

     ……  In the 60’s, The owner of the “Button”, a raucous and raunchy Spring Break bar, was arrested, after undercover Police Officers witnessed contests where crazed college kids were actually performing sex acts, on each other, on stage.

                                        [no picture available!]

     ……  In the 80’s, the downtown headquarters of the International Gold Bullion Exchange on East Broward Boulevard was raided after it was learned that the tens of millions of dollars of “gold” they were selling and storing in their vaults was actually gold painted wood blocks.
                                          Gold Wood Bars Cheap!
     …… And in the 90’s, Vice Mayor Doug Danziger, who had led an effort to close the topless bars and adult businesses in the City, resigned from office after it was learned that he was a client of the infamous local high priced call girl Kathy Willets.

                                          Kathy after surgery

     So there is some perspective. We will probably find out over the next few weeks or months all the sordid details of why Police Chief Adderley’s wife saw fit to “try and scare him”, (so she says), but all in all, it may be that we all just live in a really crazy town!

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