Police Chief Adderley’s Doing It!

     It is certainly not well known. Could even be considered confidential, clandestine, covert,  a well kept City Secret!

     That’s right, Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley has recently been caught on camera………

                          ……… On Patrol ! ….. just like a rank and file Patrolman!


                                                          Adderley on Patrol
 Seems Adderley wants to keep a connection with the streets, and has been quietly checking out a Patrol Car and hitting the streets.

      Adderley, who joined the force as a Patrolman in 1980 and was promoted to Chief in May 2008,  was seen here on a recent Saturday morning in a NW part of the City checking up on the troops, and the streets. 

     Patrolling Police Chiefs are a rarity, made famous by now retired Charleston, South Carolina Police Chief Reuben Greenberg, a black Orthodox Jew, who suited up like a Patrolman every Wednesday and manned a foot patrol in Downtown Charleston. He is considered one of the early developers of the Community Policing model of Policing.

     When asked how he was able to find time to actually roll out as a Patrolman, Chief Adderley cracked “I have a lot more time on evenings and weekends then I used to”. Those that have followed Adderley’s rather unusual public history will understand his intended pun.

     So beware, if you get pulled over next week after crawling through that Stop Sign, it just might be the  Chief of Police with the ticket book! 


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