Police Chief Adderely’s New Digs !

    Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley has returned to his roots. Due to some rather volatile circumstances in his personal life, Adderley needed to abruptly change his address recently!

     He now lives just off Sistrunk Boulevard in the home he grew up in. With the recent passing of his Mom, and Adderley’s need for a fresh domicile, the fit couldn’t have been better. “I’m never leaving Fort Lauderdale again” , Adderley said .

     Adderley grew up in the impoverished area when all blacks that grew up in Fort Lauderdale grew up off Sistrunk Boulevard. That’s where they were allowed to live.
     Adderley excelled, joined the Police Force, and made his way all the way to the top, Chief of Police. He had been living a quiet peaceful life, commuting daily to his home in Plantation, but that was then, and this is now.

      Adderley says he is working through his family matters, and hopes people will leave that private part of his life private.


     Chief Adderley’s new circumstance might just be a boon for Fort Lauderdale. He is said to be working long hours, developing new strategies to fight Fort Lauderdale crime, and is even thinking about working one day a week as a Patrolman, to keep his finger on the pulse of the community. He says the neighbors come by his new home with problems, but he doesn’t mind. ” I took this job to make a difference” , Adderley explained. 

     In one ironic case, even the local thugs are being helpful. Reports have it that they chased off a news crew last week that were staking out Adderley’s house yelling “leave the Chief alone”.  

     I guess there is a silver lining to every dark cloud !


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