Pistol Packin Granny Wanted !

       As reported to me by the area’s President

     It happened a few days ago at the Liquor Fountain, (voted most gaudy looking liquor store in the city), at the intersection of Dixie Highway and NE 13th Street.

     The Fort Lauderdale Police only have it listed, so far,  as “multiple shots fired”, everyone gone by the time they got there, but here is what the locals say happened last Friday morning, and why they’d like to find Granny and give her an award or something!


     A “gang” of hoodlums pulls up in the front parking lot of this liquor store, and jump from their “gold colored Dodge“.

     They immediately pull a pistol and ask a granny, who was in the lot, pushing her grandchild in a stroller, for “her money”.

     Instead of giving them her money, granny reaches in her purse, pulls out a pistol, and starts firing round after round at the thugs ( 5 shots heard) .

     All the stores and offices around rush to the windows to see what the hell is going on as the thugs run for cover, dash back in the Dodge, speed away.

     Granny reportedly yelled ( are you feeling lucky?) as they sped away ( OK, I made that part up, but the rest is true)..

     Go Granny Go !

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