Picture Caption Contest Winners!

     There are WINNERS in the Picture Caption Contest !  …. And I must say, we do have some very witty readers! …..Quite the comedians!

     We had 20 readers submit 27 Captions. I had trouble figuring out how to pick the winners, so I went to a tried a true source, my wife Cindy.

     I read Cindy each caption entry as they came in and put the laugh meter on her. Cindy has a great sense of humor (after all, she’s stayed with me for the last 30 years!). Here are the pics again with the winning captions that made Cindy chuckle the best. You can read all the captions by scrolling down to the original post and clicking on “view comments”. See if you agree with our picks!

                                   “I’ve pulled over, so it’s safe to talk now!”
                                                                               submitted by Vicki Eckels



                            HEH, HEH, I Gave Him the Love-Gretsas Potion
                                                                             submitted by Marge Anderson     

     Winners will receive dinners for two, (at a cheap local restaurant of their choice !)…. Thanks for participating!  We’ll have to do that again !   …….. Tim         

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