Obama Inauguration … Like Woodstock, But Not

     When we last talked, I was preparing for a road trip to see Barack Hussein Obama become the first Halfrican-American President of the United States.

     My wife Cindy and I were early supporters of his, believe that he will make a difference, and wanted to be part of the excitement.

     And we made it. And we were part of the excitement, but only an itty-bitty teeny-weenie little part !… Here’s what I mean.


     That’s me with the double knit cap, six layers of thermals and a scruffy beard ! … OK, quit looking, you’ll never find me!
     So it was kind of like Woodstock, in spirit, and size, but lacked the drugs and the mud. And it covered all generations, had one specific purpose, and was over in just a few hours. A few, very cold hours!

     But the people were fine!  ………. all two million of them!  … We met folks from San Francisco, New Orleans, Ohio, Philadelphia, Michigan, Los Angeles, Georgia, fellow Floridians, even a smattering of Canadians, Haitians, Jamaicans, and a lone Republican. 

     We parked about ten miles outside of the City and took their wonderful Metro in. Then we walked, and walked ,and walked.


     We made it to the Washington Monument…. Only 15 blocks more and we could be right up there rubbing elbows with Barack and Michelle, Malia and Sasha !… But it was not to be. About one million of the folks had trekked in before us, so we just settled in for the show. 


                  We could see the Capitol, where Obama was sitting, and we had some binoculars, so we tried to zero in on the Obamas, but this is all we got.


      But we felt content. All two million of us! Obama was the new President. Our Country felt renewed.

     We shuffled off through the streets of the Nations Capital, Mission Accomplished, and ever so slowly made our way to our cars, our cities, our lives. 

     We’ll have a story for the grand kids.

     Good Luck to America.




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