Now is the time for all good citizens ……

     …….  to come to the aid of their City !!!


                                 Your help is needed

     This Saturday, June 15th, starting at first light, lots of citizens in good standing will come together to paint and otherwise begin to fix up the historic Shippey House.

     The Dade County Pine home is one of the oldest structures in the city – 1913 – and has a really interesting story behind it. It was moved last year to the historic district, just days before being demolished by the wrecking ball.

      But,  it is a mess ! Here’s what it used to look like in its’ hay day, and will look like again – God willing –


     Besides the fact that the house is so very old, their is another great reason to restore and save it. The house was owned by Browards’ very colorful, second-ever Judge, Fred Shippey.


      Shippey was quite a character. First off, he was appointed to be the County’s second Judge after the first one expired, even though he wasn’t even a lawyer, but a farmer! Apparently Shippey had a few good contacts ! (After Shippey, Boyd Anderson was appointed – he was a lawyer!)

     Shippey made a distinct  mark for himself as the County Judge.

      In one infamous ruling, he declared that the Pompano Race Track wasn’t really gambling, and didn’t have to close. He decreed, creatively,  that the wagers at the track were really just “donations to the horse owners “! In another ruling, Shippey declared that “fines for drunkenness would be discontinued” and replaced with “hard labor on the County road crew”!

     But Shippey had a softer side as well, chairing an organization that helped crippled children. One thing he was most proud of is that he presided over 1000 juvenile cases, and never had a re- offender ( they were probably afraid of the road crew!)

     And as Judge, Shippey was also in charge of probate, misdemeanors, and marriages. He opened his home for marriage ceremonies of the rich and famous of the times for their nuptials. Probably the most famous  being the wedding of Tarzan!


     So, will you come and help on Saturday?  Just show up in painty clothes, the brushes ( and lunch) will be provided.

     If you don’t think you can paint, or plant and mulch, just come by and pour the workers some lemonade, or just chat up the non-profit that is spearheading the restoration. Maybe you can help in other ways! You will also be able to chew the ears of some of today’s big shots ( and City Commissioners), they will be there painting with us.

                                               Saturday, June 15
                                                   8 am – until
                                               220 SW 3rd Avenue

                        ( call me if you have questions – 954-822-4727) …Tim



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