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     It’s evident that former Sun-Sentinel political writer, Buddy Nevins, doesn’t think much of the current Fort Lauderdale City Commission.

     He no longer writes for the Sun-Sentinel, (more about that in a minute) but writes his own blog on local Broward politics.

     This week he blogged explosive news that “at least one Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner is being investigated by State Attorney Mike Satz’s office for corruption“. (More on that in a minute too!)

                                       Nevins the blogger

    Here’s a sampling of his latest rants on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission 

      …… this current Commission was elected with a lot of promise …. it is ONE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT ….

     …….  they are lap dogs of the development industry …..  deaf to the pleas of residents …

     ……. something is rotten in City Hall … not something, five somethings that call themselves the City Commission

     ……. Commission are damaging their (citizens) lives, not that they care 

     ……  They only see a far as the next election

     I asked all of the Commissioner’s if they’d like to comment on Buddy’s attacks, but got no response, except Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, who told me that she heard that the States Attorney’s investigation was on a member of the last Commission, not the current one.

       Nevins was the political reporter for the Sun-Sentinel for many years. He was known for his acerbic style, and politicians often dreaded his Saturday morning column. His columns were often ruthless, and many of his victims say he was prone to print rumors, not necessarily born out by the facts. 

     Once, after reporting inaccurate information on me, Nevin’s told me that he didn’t have to check out his facts, that he was “ a columnist “, and that columnists weren’t restricted by hard facts. He said he would print a retraction, but never did. He recently wrote in his new blog that his blog was “his opinion”, not reporting. 

     Nevins left the Sun-Sentinel under a cloud. As a reporter, Nevins was supposed to be non-political, but after speaking at a Lauderdale Republican Club, in what was described as a “Nevins led G.O.P. rally”, Nevins resigned.

     Nevin’s is a slow growther. His latest slams on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission mostly revolve around planned development projects he disagrees with. Nevin’s lives out in West Broward, just a few miles from the Everglades.

                                               Nevin’s house down there where nature used to be

     After Nevin’s wrote last week that a Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner was being investigated for corruption, I tried to get confirmation of that from the State Attorney’s office. I didn’t have any luck. 

     Maybe it’s a good scoop, but maybe it’s just Buddy’s opinion again. 

     Maybe Buddy ought to keep his opinions to himself. 


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