Next Citizen’s Tour …. Ouch!

     This year’s Citizens Tours ( I like to call them Tim’s Tours, since I organize them!), have been very interesting, educational, even a blast. These are tours meant for YOU, so you can see things that the ordinary citizen seldom sees.

     The intricate Sewage Treatment Plant, going deep inside the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, getting tipsy on the veranda of the Bonnett House, just as the Bartletts did in the 1920’s, how do we deserve so much fun ? 

                                   the Sewage Plant had it’s challenges!

     Anyhow, the last tour (until the fall), will take place next Wednesday, May 16th at 6:30 p.m., at Holiday Park.

     I want you to go over to your calendar right now and put it on there, even before I tell you about it  …..  because it might scare the dickens out of you and I want you to commit!   …… scroll down slowly !!


     that’s right, we’re going to exercise! …. YIKES!

We’re going to be joining up with Mayor Jack Seiler, and his last Jog with Jack until the fall. You have seen how skinny Jack has gotten haven’t you?
     City Manager Lee Feldman will also be joining us, as will some City employees, as part of their “Get Fit” City Program.

     And don’t worry, there will be professionals there to help us with the exercise stations. And you can do as little or as much of the grueling work out as you are comfortable with.

     Wear good shoes, and work-out attire.

     We did a short run through with some of the drill sergeants last week!

         That’s the Mayor’s assistant, Safea Ali, leaning on the push up bar!

     So get ready for the fun, I been getting some private coaching to make sure I look good on the 16th!


     See you at Holiday Park, at the first exercise station ( over by the football fields/ Social Center/ gym)  ……

                                    6:30 p.m. May 16

call me if you need more info … 954-822-4727




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