Neighborhood President Handcuffed

     Randall ( a.k.a Bear) Klett is mighty pissed.

     Randall is the President of the Middle River Terrace neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale ( I actually founded the neighborhood group back in 1993).

     Randall is also the owner of one of the largest leather gear providers nationally. His business is called LeatherWerks, and let’s just say the Village People probably shop there!

                                        Bear ( in uniform)

     Anyhow, here is the story of why Randall is so mightily pissed:

     Randall and his partner eat at the California Pizza Kitchen a few nights ago. They arrive back home, after ten, and realize that his partner had left his cell phone at the restaurant.

     The partner rushes back to the restaurant, gets the phone and heads back home.

     He’s nearly home ( they live behind the Leatherwerks store on NE 4th Ave., a few blocks north of Home Depot), when multiple Police Cars fall in line behind the partner.

     The partner is new to the area, nervous, and calls Randall to tell him he is being pulled over. The partner is pulling in to the Leatherwerk store’s parking lot at the time.

     Randall jumps out of the shower and pulls a towel around him, throws on his flip flops and darts out his back door. He tells the Police that his partner belongs there, that this is his business, and his house, that all is good.

     The Police tell him to go away or he will be arrested.

     Randall says that this is his property, that he’s not leaving!

     Next thing you know – Randall’s wearing the metal bracelets!  


     But what happens next is the real clincher – Randall’s towel falls off, and he is left threadless in his own business parking lot ( and, it’s a tad chilly!)

     Turns out, the Police thought Randall’s partner was looking for drugs. They called the K-9 Squad out, and there was no indication of drugs. 

     But, according to Randall, the Police weren’t quite finished – they write his partner a ticket for ” obstructed tag” on his 2010 Mercedes.

               the tag – picture taken by Randall the next day

     The Police release Randall, and leave. Randall says he understands DWB (driving while black) better now, as his partner was a victim of DWW ( in an historically known area where whites drive in looking for drugs)

     Randall sent a sharply worded e-mail the next day to the Police Chief, the  Mayor, the Manager and others. 

     He wants apologies. He wants the ticket quashed. 

                          I’ll keep you informed.



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