Narcolepsy Virus Invades City Hall !

     In what some experts are fearing might bring a total shutdown to Fort Lauderdale City Hall, a suspected rough case of the dreaded politicianarcolepsy virus seems to be sweeping the Commission Chambers!

It all started innocently enough.

     As a matter of fact, it was initially misdiagnosed as common exhaustion –


     After all, he gets up daily at 6 am, practices law all day, spends his lunch hours cutting ribbons/riding floats and kissing babies, and is said to always stay up late, if not at Commission meetings, then heading home, drinking dark beer and watching basketball!

     But then it began to spread!

     Now Commissioner Romney Rogers is said to have the power to put people into a deep sleep, but now he’s getting a dose of his own medicine!

                                                     He even talks in his sleep !

           Then it hit Commissioner Bobby Dubose, the youngest of the Commissioners! …

                                               …. but didn’t spill a drop!

      And the experts knew the virus was getting serious when this happened!

                             Even Rodstrom  went down for the count!

       Mayor Seiler reviewed all the evidence trying to decide what action to take…. He  concluded it might not be all that bad after all….

      He told the press today that some good can always come out of even the most desperate situations!


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