Moving the Historic Shippey House ….Update

     Preservation activists are still in the middle of trying to save “the house”.


     It’s one of the oldest homes in the City -( 1914 )- referred to as the Shippey House, named after it’s long time owner ……..

                           Judge Fred Shippey,
Broward County’s second Judge. 

     Shippey was well known in his day. He was a “marryin” Judge, who married most folks in the area, including “Tarzan”! 

     The house fell into serious disrepair over the last decade or so, and was about to be demolished, when local citizen activists decided to try and save, and restore it.

     The restoration effort is being led by …

                        activist Alysa Plummer, (shown here with Mayor Jack Seiler)  

It’s been a tough road for Alysa and her “Friends of the Shippey House“, and it’s not over yet!

     A “memo” from the Fort Lauderdale Legal Department highlights the challenges. The memo tells City Manager Feldman that “the House is still sitting on the Moving Company’s girders awaiting attachment to the non-existing foundation”.

     The foundation was to have been in by now, but a dust-up with the House moving company owner had him request that his “name be removed as contractor from the permits”.

Also, the memo states that the house is sitting on city parking spaces that are costing the city “$218.00 per diem”.

hole the house is supposed to be in by now

     Plummer is undeterred, in her standard, pleasant way.

     This morning she reports that there is a new contractor on record, that a fund raising  effort last week raised the funds needed for the completion of the foundation, and that the fact that 3 members of the Fort Lauderdale City Commission attended the fund raiser is a good sign that things are still on track.

                         …… I’ll keep you informed   .



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