Mgr. Feldman Removes Surveillance Cameras

     With a new City Manager, comes new rules.

     Here in Fort Lauderdale, the seventh largest city in Florida, we’ve just hired Lee Feldman, and here’s a few interesting things he’s already changed!

     Lee Feldman

     When Lee took control of the 7th floor, the floor of City Hall where the rules are made, he found surveillance cameras trained on the citizens, waiting in the lobby.

     Turns out, former City administrations ( you know the names) had installed Live Feed surveillance cameras in the lobby of the 7th floor to see who was out there! ….. So as you sat there waiting for your appointment, the City Manager could sit and watch you wait ( could he read lips ?).

     Feldman’s spokesman Chaz Adams confirmed the cameras, and their removals,. but says Feldman doesn’t want to dwell on the past, but is looking forward to a bright future. Feldman says he  “didn’t see a need for the cameras”, and had Public Works remove them.

     Also troubling to me, I hear that former Administrations had restricted access to the 7th Floor to everyone, 24 hours a day, 365, even Police and Fire!

Though I couldn’t get any official to go on the record ( imagine that), I was told that even in emergencies, the Police and Fire Divisions had no way to access that floor. Sounds like there was a trust problem!  ….   My source said the administration said that in the event of an emergency, “they ( the 7th floor personnel), would deal with it”.

     OK Lee, I’ll agree to that looking forward, keep up that transparent spirit!


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