Little Neighborhood Gets No Respect

     It’s a little neighborhood with big issues, but their luck might be changing! (I’ll get to that in a minute).

     It’s called Progresso Village, and it’s on the south side of Sunrise Boulevard, just west of Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale.


     The neighborhood has been battling crime and blight for years, and lately things have gotten worse.

     Look at their neighborhood sign closely, you will see it’s missing a letter! That’s because thieves in the area keep stealing their metal sign letters for scrap!

     But, the worse news is  – that sign pictured above is the good sign!


     No, they have not renamed the neighborhood  – gresso Village!

     But there is some good news. The neighborhood elected a new President, and he’s quite the character.


      He is Bradford Cohen, and he became somewhat locally famous when he was on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, some years back.

      He didn’t win the apprentice, but gained immortal status on the show when his bravado had him waive his “exemption” from being fired, believing it would show his confidence. Trump said although Cohen was the best on the team, “an impulsive move like that could sink a company”. He was fired!
Cohen used that celebrity to go on to T.V as a legal commentator, making many appearances on Fox, CNN, Nancy Grace, etc.

     Anyhow, back to Progresso Village.

     Cohen says he ran for President because he owns a rental house in Progresso Village ( he lives in Victoria Park) and was concerned about the direction of the neighborhood ( the former President owned rental property in Progresso also, and didn’t even live in the City!) 

                                    Cohen’s rental house

Cohen says he hopes to “lessen the crime, band the neighbors together to watch neighbor’s backs”, and speak with a unified voice to the City.

                   I’ll keep you informed on his progress – in Progresso!

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