Let The Brawl Begin!

     The political race for the Commission seat in Fort Lauderdale is just a week away …… and the political ugliness has begun!

      You might not think this little Commissioner race is important, but you’d be wrong…..

     There are only 5 people that make the decisions that affect nearly 200,000 people and decide a $600 millon dollar yearly budget, and one of these two candidates will be one of the five!

     The two contestants in the race next Tuesday are both former Commissioners – …Charlotte Rodstrom and DeanTrantalis…….


They once were friends and supporters of each other, but no longer….

     Rough mailers have been sent out and are now in the mailboxes of the super voters!


    Rodstrom has accused Trantalis in this mailer of being the dreaded  lawyer lobbyist. Rodstrom forgets to mention in the mailer that Trantalis is a lobbyist … but in another City …Wilton Manors!


     On the other side, pro- Trantalis peeps sent out this mailer – Queen Charlottewhich highlights the fact that this special election, necessary because Rodstrom vacated her seat just weeks after winning re-election,  is costing the Fort Lauderdale voters $220,000- …. a true fact..

     Expect more negative politics in mailboxes before next Tuesday  …..

    … but just remember, if you live in District II, Fort Lauderdale ….

                           VOTE !


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