Just Like the 60’s!

     Remember the 1960’s?

If you didn’t like what was going on, you protested! If neccessary, you’d lay down in front of the bulldozers!


     Well, the 60’s were alive and well yesterday in the South Middle River neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale.

                                  South Middle River

They didn’t lay in front of the bulldozers, but almost!


       The SMRCAians actually closed down  a major city thoroughfare –Andrews Ave – all by themselves – and redirected traffic, all with found barricades and protest signs!

     They are quite mad about some of the conditions in their neighborhood, specifically unpaved sections of streets throughout their neighborhood that have never been paved since the neighborhood was developed in the 1950’s.

     So, to draw attention to the unpaved roads, they redirected the Andrews Ave. unsuspecting motorists onto those unpaved roads as a detour!


     The City says they don’t have the $750,000 it would cost to do the paving. One high ranker told me that the neighborhood is being unreasonable.

     The neighborhood doesn’t think so. They say find the money – pave the roads.

      And if the City doesn’t? The neighborhood says they are just getting started – “wait until they see what we have in store for them next”!

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