Judge Orders Protection for Neighborhood Crackheads !

      Broward County Judge Julio E. Gonzalez Jr.,  Monday, ordered Court Protection for a Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods’ known felons and crackheads.

     In a move that stunned neighborhoods that have been under siege from street criminals over many years, Judge Gonzalez, acting under the request of the Broward Public Defenders Office, ordered local business man and neighborhood crime fighter, Stephen Sticht, to stay away from the areas’ admitted drug addicts and suspected burglars.

     According to the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, some of the men he was ordered to stay away from had felony convictions for cocaine possession, prostitution, lewd and lascivious conduct, burglary and grand theft.  The Judge also ordered Sticht to “surrender any weapons that he had to Law Enforcement”. Sticht was accused by the felons of “posting wanted posters ” of them, chasing them with a chainsaw, and threatening to kill them. Sticht denies all of the felons’ allegations. Sticht says he used his chainsaw to decimate the “crackhead camp” that they had built along the RR tracks. Sticht’s neighborhood, and those surrounding it, had experienced a marked increase in burgularies, (homes and cars), as well as many other crimes since the encampment arrived. City Officials had not been successful in eliminating it.


                                                                      the brochure

On Tuesday night, at the Council of Civic Associations monthly meeting, (an advocacy group that fights for neighborhoods), Judge Gonzalez had operatives handing out his reelection brochures. Some in attendance, keenly aware of Gonzalez’s ruling earlier in the day, were drawn to the last line of his brochure that claimed he was “devoted to family and community”. One attendee was overheard asking, “is that the criminal community, or our community”. 

     A formal hearing on the matter is tentatively scheduled for April 17th, where many in the affected neighborhoods hope that the Judge will decide that he is devoted to the law-abiding members of their neighborhoods, not the criminals.


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