Jackie Scott Opens Campaign

     Long time activist Jackie Scott officially started her camapign last night for the Fort Lauderdale District IV seat, currently held by Commissioner Romney Rogers.

Jackie Scott

The kick-off event was held in the most lovely pooled backyard of Coolee Hammock activist Ann Schumpart. 

     The soiree was attended by about 30 people, who chatted around the pool waiting for Scott to speak.

     Scott was introduced by well know lawyer Jim Brady, who touted Scott’s long history in Fort Lauderdale civic work, and said that Scott would “prove us right” .


      Scott, in her talk, said she wanted to “change the culture” of District IV.

      Scott talked about her long history in civic affairs, but concentrated on her “disappointment” of current Commissioner Rogers, and her plans to do things different, if elected.

     Scott addressed the development issue by saying that redevelopment, and issues like ” historic preservation” need not being “mutually exclusive”. She said that you could be for redevelopment and for historic preservation at the same time. 

     Scott finished by saying that she “cared” for those in attendance and for the City and that she was “in it to win it”.  

     Most political observers give the incumbent a big edge, but some consider Scott a formidable opponent.

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