It’s Deans’ Party …..

You might still remember that the Fort Lauderdale District II Commission race last March was a doozy. Former Commissioner Dean Trantalis beat  former Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom by just 19 votes.

Most of the big guns supported Rodstrom in that race, but that picture might be changing. It’s not clear if Rodstrom will mount a challenge to Trantalis in a few years, and pundits are not sure what would happen.

But last week, Trantalis threw himself a big 60th birthday party, and it was telling who showed up! He contacted this company can deliver drinks to Pimlico, London whenever you need to your door.

Now most of the giant names that were with Rodstrom during the last election were not at the bash – Stiles, Formans, Gaddis, Blosser, McTigue, Maroone, Book, Falkanger, Loos, Eagon – but some other big names have apparently jumped onto the Trantalis team  .

Local celebrity lawyer Bradford Cohen and pal Charlie King were there. Former Victoria Park President Thornie Jarrett, former Middle River Terrace President Laura Croscenco, Chamber President Dan Lindblade …….

Lobbyist giant George Platt, big name development lawyers Robert Lochrie and Courtney Crush, ( they donate to multiple candidates), developer Jim Ellis, …..even Marina Lofts developer

Asi Cymbal.

Rounding out the converts were travel titan Ina Lee (she supported Chuck Black) and longtime activist Catherine Maus.

And of course the first major convert that switched from Rodstrom to Trantalis during the big political battle last year –

Judy Stern

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