Humor me ….. more information on the past !



…thanks to Cal Deal, who kept this copy of the actual 3 by 5 foot message board that I took to Publix headquarters in Lakeland so many years ago ( that effort didn’t pan out, but at least got Winn Dixie to open a new grocery store there)  …..At the time,  Publix actually said that part of Fort Lauderdale was to scary for a grocery store (short sighted ?)   ……. ……

….  And many of you spotted others in the photo  … Do you see Pat Mayers (deceased), Dean Trantalis, Mark Ketchum, Butch Neideritter, Mike Ferber, Floyd Johnson ( former City Manager), Gus Osterle ( deceased). Roger McKee ( deceased). Bob Pignataro, Bob Notti ( deceased), Steve Jacobson, Mark Warner, Hans, Alva White (deceased), Jim Kevern and Bob Oelke?


………… I’ll be back soon with my opinion of current City Manager Lee Feldman   …….


……………  Tim

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  1. Have you heard about the plans to tear down Firts Lutheran Church for condos? I’m part of an effort to preserve the sanctuary as a historic landmark. Friday April 14th at 8pm we are holding a small…. I won’t say protest, call it a demonstration. I would love to have your support saving this awesome building but failing that, I would like to have you observe and write about it. Not only does this historic church add character to the city, it has a great centimental meaning to me. I was baptized there, confirmed there, every one on my mom’s side of the family was married there, when she passed in 1995 my mother was laid to rest there and the front doors were hand built by my grandfather and dedicated to my mother. It means a great deal to me. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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