Gun Show ….. My Observations

     I just got back from the Gun Show at the War Memorial.

I wanted to see if some of what I’ve been reading was true. It was packed to be sure!

One local blogger has been making quite a few accusations about illegal behavior taking place at the show and I went to check it out- to see if I could confirm that.

First, the blogger said that “there were no Police anywhere”.

I found plenty Police, and I didn’t even have to look far!-

…… they were just feet from the front door.

…. there were also numerous cruisers around the area.

I called some law enforcement contacts that told me there were Police there both days, but more today after controversy arose. He said there were “walking teams” checking the parking lots, and units at the door.

I had also heard a rumor that there were undercover officers inside, checking to see if laws were being broken.

For this rumor, I had to go right to the Chief of Police, Frank Adderley.

The Chief would not confirm, but did tell me that they [the Police department] had very good cooperation with “the feds”, and that he was confident that all laws would be monitored, inside and out!

I also read here that guns and bullets were being sold out in the parking lots ( you can also get online – purchase firearms & tactical equipment). I walked the perimeter and couldn’t find any guns being sold. I did find people handing out flyers –

Guess I could go to Hollywood and buy me a Machine Gun!

People at the show said the dealers inside were “running low” on supplies, and credited the media interest/gun control controversy with the big crowds.

The City has a multi year contract with the operator to run the gun show, and State law prohibits the City from regulating it.

Some local leaders have been lobbying the Mayor and Commission to stop the show if it includes assault style weapons and high capacity magazines. I agree with them.

The only option the City seems to have is to not rent City property for the show.

What do you think?


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