Gretsas Mania

     City Manager George Gretsas draws fanatical fans and furious foes.

     Seems many either love him or hate him !  His fans turned out in big numbers at the last Commission meeting, extolling his many talents and city management prowess! 
     Many in the opposition, on the other hand, generally stay in the shadows, grumble behind his back, whisper about his ouster.

     One detractor is the exception.  And his smoldering anger might be bordering on Gretsas Ouster Obsession, hereafter known by the acronym GOO !
See what I mean below – 

Seventy-eight pictures of Gretsas. Activist Cal Deal digitized the tape of the meeting showing Gretsas every 5 seconds during Gretsas’s attempt to save his job. He posted them today on his new web site, built with the express purpose of seeing that the Gretsas contract isn’t ever renewed.

     Here’s a sample of that web site.


     If you have GOO, or are just curious, Deal’s site is at 

     No action is expected on the Gretsas contract at tomorrow’s Commission meeting.


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