Governor Jack ?

     The political world is talking.

     The Florida Governors’ race of 2014 is about to take off, and Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler will have to decide soon if he wants to be on that ride!


     It’s no secret that Seiler has been thinking about a return to Tallahassee, someday, but his plan has always been to serve in local politics until all his children go off to college, probably 2018.

     But 2014 could be his year.

     Current Governor Rick Scott is vulnerable. He has been an unpopular Governor, and the Democrats think this could be the year for them to retake the Governors’ mansion. If another Democrat runs and wins the Governor job, he, or she,  would probably serve two terms until 2022, possibly too late for Seiler, as Seiler will term- limit out of the Mayor’s seat in 2018.

                                        Governor Scott, Chief Adderley, Seiler

     Seiler has been talking to party officials, and thinking a lot…


     Seiler has been a popular Mayor, credited for calming the City after years of  flamboyant, outspoken, conservative Mayor Jim Naugle. Some call Seiler the “parade Mayor”, as Seiler likes positive events, like the St. Patricks’ Day Parade that he brought back to the City.

     Seiler also pushed for more activities at the beach, downtown, and in the neighborhoods.

                                                          Jog with Jack event

     Another consideration is whether Seiler could even win the Democratic primary for Governor. He has one of the biggest Democrat names in the State, but giant name Charlie Crist has become an independent, and some say is close to becoming a Democrat. If Crist decided to try and retake the Governors’ post as a Democrat, he would certainly trounce Seiler in name recognition.

                                                 Geller – Seiler – Crist – Rubio – other bigshot

     And if Seiler does take the shot at the Governors’ seat, who will run for the Fort Lauderdale Mayor seat?

     Many say most probably one Rodstrom or the other.

     And lastly,  just for fun …..  when I was looking for good pictures of Jack Seiler for this post, I came across this picture of Jack Seiler on the internet, and would suggest he consider using it on some mailer or another if he does decide to take on the tough task of running for Governor  …………



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