Goodbye Carlton Moore….Hello who?

     Carlton Moore’s political days in Fort Lauderdale are nearly done.

     After serving as the District Commissioner for District III for the past 20 years, Moore will say goodbye on November 4th. Moore’s final term in office will be cut short by about 4 months, as he had to resign (effective November 4th), when he got into the County Commission race against incumbent Commissioner John Rodstrom and lost.

     Moore would have been term limited out of his Fort Lauderdale Commissioner’s seat in March, regardless.

                        Moore thanks supporters after losing County Commission bid
     An interim Commissioner will now be appointed by the City Commision to serve out Moore’s term. This temporary Commissioner will serve until the City elections next March, when a new Commissioner will be elected for a three year term to serve District III.

      Most observers believe that the Commission will pick someone that agrees to only serve temporarily, and not run in the general election in March.

     So who’s in the running for that temporary, yet prestigious position?

     There are at least eight District III residents in the running, but the focus will probably revolve around three that are on a list that’s being offered up by a ad-hoc citizens group.

     The citizens group plans to weigh in to the City Commission and influence the choice for the Temp-Commissioner and here’s who they like:

     Pam Adams – President of Adams Consulting Group. Adams has served on City Boards and has been active in the community for years. Rumor has it that Naugle will oppose her since she is a registered lobbyist.

     Bernadette Norris-Weeks – A local attorney that has been drawing attention as an up and comer in the District for the last few years.

     Dr. Magdalene Lewis  – A retired educator that has a long history of community involvement.

     The Commission is not restricted to this citizen group list, and Naugle is known to be partial to Durr’s neighborhood President Mickey Hinton. One well founded rumor had Naugle actually delivering Hinton’s application form for him.

     Moore has not publicly announced his favorites, but the list of three are all known to be close with him.

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