Freakin’ Scary !

     When your wife rattles you out of a deep sleep on a Sunday morning at 5 a.m., saying “quick honey, get up”, you know it can’t be good.

     ” there’s a totally naked guy on the front porch and he’s trying to get in the house!”

     I jump up and move to the living room for a look. The wife hasn’t lost it. Sure enough, he’s there, in all his splendid, nutty glory!

     He’s a big guy ( tall that is), and he’s trying the doorknob, and it’s getting scary.

     I tell the wife to get the phone, call 911, but first hand me the Louisville slugger, just in case.

                                                                        the slugger

     The guys in some sort of heavy drug craze. I tell him through the door to get lost, tell him I have a pistol with his name on it, but it doesn’t faze him. 

     He pulls a chair out that’s on the porch and sits. He’s looking in through the picture window and mumbling to himself.  We watch the clock and wait for the Cops.

     About 8 minutes pass and they arrive, three officers. They shine their flashlights on the guy and ask him what the #$%* he’s doing. He doesn’t respond, just looks at them and smiles.

     Finally they move in, after putting on gloves,  and remove him from his perch. They move him out to the Police car and come back to tell us what they’re going to do.

     ” Here’s really screwed up on something”, (he tells us as if we didn’t know!) We’ve called Fire, they’ll take it from here.

                                          EMS  ……….   with crazed naked guy inside

     Sun’s up now, Cindy’s going on a jog, the naked druggie is on his way to the fifth floor of Broward General,

                                                  I’m going back to bed………….

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