FPL Employee … On The Job… Selling Crack!

     Yes, you read the title right!

     I thought I had seen it all.  Here’s how it went down:

   ……..  It’s the most insidious drug there is – crack cocaine. It makes people insane, violent, destroys them. The dealers often hide it in there mouths, so they can swallow it should the Cops take them down.

                                                         care for some crack

     So, today I’m up on NE 13th street in Fort Lauderdale, working at my plant nursery. Though there has been massive efforts to clear the area of drugs,  it’s hung on for decades, like a bad rash!

     I spot a charcoal gray Honda  slowing down and pulling into the median on 13th. It’s got smoky windows and I think to myself ” undercover cop, checking out the scene”. I give a nod of appreciation and walk toward my truck.

     The gray Honda spins around and pulls up beside me, and rolls the window down half way. ” Yo,  how do I find 1842 N.Dixie Highway“?   It was an FPL employee, replete in their recognizable blue shirt with FPL emblazoned on the front.

     As I start to give him directions, he motions me closer to his car. ” Yo man, do you need some“? I thought I was hearing things! This FPL guy is trying to sell me drugs ! I think quick, tell him I’ll have to get money. He scribbles his name and number on a scrap of paper and shoves it out the window. “call me” , he says, and pulls off.

     I call the Chief of Police (sometimes it’s real nice being a former City commissioner!).

                                                                   Chief Adderley 

In minutes, a top level Narcotics Officer is on the phone. “I’m on the way over”. He picks me up and we drive around the corner where some rather seedy characters are parked under a tree in the shade. They get out and the Top Cop introduces them as “his team“! ….. I give them the 411.

     “Damn, this is just like the movies”, I muse. 

     Before I know it, they are in action. They call Mr. FPL /dopedealer and one of the Cops  (as he pretends to be a dope head) , tells the doper that I am too afraid to come, but he’s going to pick up the crack for me. The doper buys the story. 

     I get back in the car with the Top Cop and before we know it he gets the call – “We got him”, the undercover agent tells his boss,


     “he’s got $1100. in cash, but only the $20 worth of crack he bought for the sale.”

     Just another day in the war on drugs –  but we expect FPL is hiring!

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