Former Commissioner Smith Face Saved

     Just a few weeks before Christmas, in the Smith House, not a creature was stirring, especially the dog that tried to bite his lips off!

     In a horrific case of pound dog-gone crazy, former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Tim Smith,  (that’s me), rushed himself to the Broward General Medical Center holding most of his upper lip in his left hand and driving with his right.

     Smith had been trying to help leash a bull terrier/german shepard mixed mutt that his son Tim ( not junior) had rescued from the Humane Society. The dog had apparently been beaten by a former owner and was very neurotic, bordering on psychotic. When Smith tried to leash the mutt, he leapt toward Smith’s lips and carnage ensued.

                                                Smith’s lips hours after leaving Broward General’s specialist surgeons

Only minutes after arriving in the Emergency Room, I was taken to an observation room. The attending physician took one look at my kisser and exclaimed “Yikes, let’s get the specialists  (Maxillofacial) called in on this one”. 

     After a rather lengthy wait in the observation room, a most dedicated and efficient surgeon got to the scene. He took a look at my chewed up lips and called the nurses for supplies – “lets see if we can make these look like lips again” he chirped. “Give it your best shot”, I mumbled incoherently.

     I’ve been pretty miserable the last few weeks, but amazingly, the stitches (tons of them) are out and I’m looking almost handsome again ( maybe I should have asked for a full face lift while lying there!)  

     With my catastrophic, worthless Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical insurance, we expect an astronomic bill will arrive in the mail any day now, but my lips are worth it!

     I know you’re asking, so I’ll tell you, the dog no longer resides at the Smith house.



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