Final Battles For Commissioner Seats!

     In less than a week, on Tuesday March 10th, we will know the full make up of the new Fort Lauderdale City Commission.   

     But before we get to that uplifting news, the bitter battle between District I Commissioner Christine Teel,  and former Police Chief Bruce Roberts will have to be settled.

     It’s been a tense tussle. Here they are debating last week!

                                                                       If looks could kill !

      You might recall that the Teel/Roberts grudge match started heading south a few weeks back when a shadowy group called the Integrity Counts Committee started sending mailers with Teel’s face stuck on a package of Oscar Mayer Bologna (and other such indiscretions).

     Mayor Naugle complained loudly at the next Commission meeting and demanded that the group sending the Bologna mailer come out of the shadows and claim who they were. Naugle even proposed that the City send out mailers in Teel’s defense.

     But what a difference a few weeks makes! Now, mailers are hitting mailboxes by a new shadowy group, Fort Lauderdale Responsible Government Committee, that paints Roberts in the most unfavorable lights! 

     Here is one of the mailers:



     If there is a way to find out conclusively who is behind this clandestine effort, I couldn’t find it. These groups time their efforts so they don’t have to show who they are until after the elections are over. By then, no one cares! 

     But rumors do abound, and some political insiders told me that they think the powerful Forman family, and developer Jack Loos might be two of the likely suspects behind the new anti-Roberts efforts!

     Maybe it’s time for some more campaign finance reform!

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