Do You Want To Know A Secret?

     Everybody’s got something to hide but me and my monkey!

     Now there’s a cryptic clue for you of what I did Yesterday !

     Hello ? Goodbye ! …….. figure it out yet?

     Alright – here’s a pictorial clue :


     Yes, I went to a concert ……. it was at the former Dolphin Stadium, former Joe Robbi Stadium, currently the Sun Life Stadium….. So who was playing? Now don’t let me down ! Come on, please, please me !

     Some of you got it, some don’t, ( I do have some pre – 30’s readers!)


     The day in my life started out as quite a good morning, good morning. I decided that this boy had a ticket to ride. How did I get there? Drive my car, silly!


     The concert was really rockin. The crowd was moving. The wife’s out of town, so I was alone, and I turned around and I saw her standing there !


     OK, so she was sitting – this can’t all work our perfectly! ……. anyhow, I told her to just let it be, I said I’m happy just to dance with you, and we were up in the aisles boogieing!

     The concert was truly an inspiration. Three and a half hours of great music. I just hope I can perform like that when I’m 64 !

    ……….. He’s still an idealist !


           ……..  and a workhorse ! …. three encores !….  he tried to ignore our chants for more….


      It was exhausting, for him and us, but in a good way. 
      You know, life can be a long and winding road.  So from me to you, if you ever have a chance to see him, do it, it’s quite worth it. 
      It gave me Golden Slumbers…..

                            …… the end




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